Friday, August 08, 2008

For once, England is first!

Oh boy! The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics are today! I've been waiting for this. We never watch sports in this house (except for Cleveland Indians baseball), but for the next two weeks there will be nothing but on the telly. And we get it first for a change! The Opening Ceremonies are being broadcast live here, which means they start at 12:45PM here, which is only 7:45AM Eastern time, and you in the States don't get the show until 7:30PM Eastern time tonight. So I'll have seen the whole thing hours before it even kicks off over there (even though I will see it from the angle that the BBC wants me to see it. That's ok - I'm going to watch the US broadcast again tonight on my sling box.). I'm impressed...........
However, they don't always get it right over here. When the Commonwealth Games were on (the European version of the Olympics), they identifed Susan Sarandon as Suzanne Sar(rhymes with share)-an-done(rhymes with condone). Still makes us giggle.............
Let the Games begin! Hey, maybe this is an opportunity to make some spanking bets with hubby - USA versus England. Nah - maybe not. I'd win all the bets and still be spankless.

UPDATE: Ok, I'm only 15 minutes into the show, and I have to tell you - if you weren't planning on watching, you're making a big mistake! This is spectacular!

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