Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Nanny

The other day, I was watching an old episode of 'The Nanny'. Ok, kind of half watching it. But a scene soon caught my attention! Fran had done something mildly illegal and ended up in court. Maxwell was there with her trying to get her out of trouble. He did, and got fined himself in the process. As they were leaving the court room, he was lecturing Fran on her behavior. He fussed at her, and Fran responded that he was being a real turn-off. He fussed again, and she said he was still being a turn-off. Finally, he told her she was grounded. Her reply - 'Grounded?! You can't ground me! Why don't you just turn me over your knee and ---- oh! We're back to turn-ons!' LOL! Sure to catch the ear of any spanko. Sure are seeing a lot more references to spanking on mainstream TV. Bring it on!

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