Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's in the air!

As you can tell from the two recent stories, I obviously need a spanking and haven't gotten one! Damn! I'll have to work on that one. And it's everywhere I turn! The TV is on, and there was a western on a few minutes ago. My ears perked up when I heard one of the characters complaining that someone had spanked her. Missed what happened before that. Then I turn on the Lucy Show. And there is Lucy, telling Ricky, "Yes, I've been a bad girl! You can spank me later - if there's anything left to spank!" Maybe the powers that be are telling me it's time to get off my ass and offer it up to hubby for a good warming! LOL! By the way - the story about the nagging about the driving is mostly true to life and one of my big fantasies. I do nag about the driving, and every time he gives me one of those exasperated looks, I can't help thinking, "Why don't you just pull this car off the road and paddle my butt?" *sigh*  We never fight, so he says I don't give him any reason to punish me. Oh please. I've said it before and I'll say it again - either I married a saint or Helen Keller. The other story is also true to life. I've told him before - sometimes when I'm cranky, I just need someone to 'spank the crank' outta me! Any time I see him getting aggravated, I keep hoping he'll just bend me over right there in the kitchen and grab a wooden spoon! But alas - it never happens. If anything, he'll just come to me later and apologize for snapping at me! (Should have snapped that wooden spoon at me, buster!) I know, I know - I should be grateful for such a wonderful guy! And I am! Just wish he'd be a little more - forceful, shall we say? I'm not good at self-discipline. I know there are things I should do, but sometimes a girl needs a little motivation, you know? If I don't do something that he has asked me to do, I just get that 'look'. Maybe a little bit of a lecture. If I were him, and I hadn't done something after being asked two or three times, I'd put me in a corner, and then I'd spank my butt until I promised to get it done! And then if it still didn't get done, spank again! I know he wants to - I can tell. Maybe I need to write him a permission slip. "To Whom It May Concern: This is to certify that _________________ has full authority and rights to spank ______________________ whenever she does not do as asked or told, or when she is obviously out of sorts and getting snappy, cranky, or bratty. Punishments should be immediate, if appropriate. If not, fair warning should be given and then carried out as soon as possible." OMG - I think if he ever growled in my ear, "You are being very naughty. As soon as we get home, you are going straight to your corner for a while, and then you're going over my knee for a good spanking, young lady!", I would faint dead away on the spot! (I'm getting light-headed just thinking about it. Is it getting warm in here?) Sometimes, I'll leave things go that I know I should do, hoping that he'll fuss at me for it. Nope. Doesn't work that way. If I don't clean up the kitchen, he'll just go do it. If I don't make the bed, he doesn't complain. In fact, when I DO do some things, he thanks me! No no no no no! Don't thank me for doing the things I should do! Wait - I take that back. It's ok to thank me when I do. Makes one feel appreciated. But by the same token, makes me feel unneeded if he just goes ahead and does them if I don't. I guess it just comes down to the fact that I feel unnecessary if I have no rules and no expectations of me. Nothing to live up to, you know? Then I get lazy and then I feel guilty. That's when I wish he would 'take me in hand', so to speak, and put things back on track. But he doesn't, and I figure it isn't important and get lazy again, and the whole thing just goes in circles, and ................ crap. But hey - I am nothing if not hopeful! So enough of this rant, and thank you for listening (if anyone still is). It will work out one day! (LOL! And I just figured out why I'm in this mood. Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary!)


Naughtymama said...

ok so you have not been on here in awhile. SO hopefully you will see my coment. I just fond your blog and omg do you live in my head!!!! and are we married to the same guy? I swear mine does the same thing with cleaning. Although mine complains that I don't clean up and he is forever cleaning up after me. I tell him all the time to add it to the list. (obv the spaking one) but alas he has yet to give me a punishment spanking. Only sexy ones and they never are long enough or hard enough. I finally talked to him seriously about punishment spankings so hopefully they will be coming my way soon:) keep up the good work I promise I'll comment!!

Anonymous said...

when i need to be spanked i get WAY to embarassed to say anything. i mean, geesh... I'm not supose to "like" it! and, in truth, i don't... well, at first anyway. I do know when i am way overstresses, or wound to tight. usualy it means i am having trouble consentrating, or can't sleep. Anyway, i just can't bring myself to come right out and ask, so instead, i do the most direct action i can without actualy saying anything... i email my honey pictures of other women getting spanked... from porn sites or the like. that way i get his motor primed and my point accross. it is a rather "in-your-face" kind of hint, but it does the trick. Men don't always respond to less direct things. Sometimes i will even go so far as to do some light "brating" so he has a reasion- i usualy will leave the kitchen cabnets open which is his pet-peive but is also a simple fix afterwards. He knows what i'm doing, so i usualy get punished just for the brating alone. Just a thought :)