Thursday, September 13, 2007


Gee, I guess that little trash can that shows up under each comment is what you use to delete an individual comment! Ok, ok, I plead jet lag. So I'm home now. Not much going on in the spanking department - I haven't even finished unpacking yet! And we have company coming this evening and they'll be here for the next six days. So the last two days have been spent getting my house presentable after just the hubby and the cat being here for the last five weeks. Hope no one looks too close at anything! LOL! But the worst thing is that I came back home to another death in the family - this time on this side of the pond. We literally found out about it as we were loading my suitcases in to the car at the airport - they called on my husband's cell phone. That means we may have to go to Scotland next week for another funeral. Sheesh. They say these things come in threes. I don't want to contemplate that one......................

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