Saturday, September 08, 2007

Some people need a hobby........

Well, crud. I've had to switch to moderated posting on the comments for non-registered users because some people have nothing better to do than spam other people - GRRRRR! Does anyone know if you can delete individual comments? If we can't, we sure should be able to. Anyway - I'll be flying home in just three days! I have mixed feelings about that. I sure miss my hubby, but I don't want to go back to England. Oh well. For the time being, that's how it has to be. So after I get home, give me a week to get rid of jet lag and then I should be back posting. Right after I get home we have company coming as my birthday is next weekend. From one craziness straight in to another. Hmmm - might take a couple of weeks to settle back in to some form of normal life! Hope everyone is having a good summer.

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