Friday, March 14, 2008

My Favorite Spanko

For all of those who voted for James Spader as the one they would like to be spanked by, and any one else who can appreciate a hot spanko, some images from Secretary -

And the famous scene -

Now if you all will excuse me, I am going to go take a nice, long cold shower until I cool off. I should be back in about a month................


Paul said...

Leigh, Leonard Cohen has to be one of my favourite singers.
I really must go and see Secretary sometime.
Warm hugs,

Karyn said...

Paul - You haven't seen Secretary?! As a true spanko, you really must. Awesome movie. Of course, it helps that I have the hots for James Spader. LOL!

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite films (one of the very few). Incidentally, through this I discovered Mary Gaitskill, who wrote the original story. She is my favourite modern author - by far.

Anonymous said...

"Secretary" is one of my favorite movies. Another favorite scene is the one with her Vanilla bf; she's in jeans, and lies, fetching.
It is that moment of recognition:

"I'm Normal. Now, spank me!," you know she's thinking.

Cheers, for posting this.
Enjoyed watching, once again.


PK said...

Just wnated let you know I have finally taken the time to go back and read much of your blog. I love your stories and fantasies. I feel like we have a LOT in common. I am looking forweard to reading much more.


Anonymous said...

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