Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I Must Have An Acrylic Fetish!

This seems to be a theme for me right now - spanking-related acrylics. I really want to try out this paddle from CANE-IAC - it's called The Timothy. 2" wide, 20" long, and 1/4" thick. It reminds me of a ruler, and I get a rush from those, too. Must be something about the idea of a teacher/student disciplinary episode. I have always liked pictures of spankings with clear acrylic paddles as you can see what is going on as the paddle impacts the bottom. Of course, I don't know why that aspect of it would appeal to me as I want it used on me and I certainly can't see my own butt as it is being spanked! Guess I just hope that that view would be as appealing to my hubby as it is to me. Rulers also represent spontaneity to me - an exasperated husband grabs his bratty wife, bends her over, and paddles her with the first thing he can get his hands on - a ruler off his desk! Fast and furious, hot and stingy.


Ellis said...

Acrylic fetish? Who knows. However, I am impressed that you were posting at 4:43 AM.

Karyn said...

As much as I would love to impress you, that time stamp is wrong. It was somewhere around 11 or 11:30PM when I posted that. Any idea how to fix that?

Karyn said...

Fixed it!